Boneeaters - alien backstory

Boneeaters - first concept art

Boneeaters - Summary Chapters 1-3

Our How to Write a GOOD Story blog his #4 with the summary of our story (first three chapters), read on!

New FREE stuff! God Play, Butcher, Underbelly, Locked Out!

Crazy amount of new FREE stuff!

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New blog: how to write a GOOD story

How to write a GOOD story

What is required to make a good story? Here are my thoughts and experiences writing DarkBrain stories... and also the announcement of a new writing project (Boneeaters).

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DarkBrain crashes Free Comicbook Day 2017 with 782 pages of The Butcher - FREE - and every month another FREE issue of The Butcher!

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The new changes for DarkBrain in 2017

For the skinny on the big changes coming to DarkBrain, see my May 5th, 2017 Blog.